Mama Curry Stands Tall as Son Stephen’s Documentary Takes Center Stage

The mother of NBA superstar, Stephen Curry, is standing proudly by her son’s side as he releases his new documentary. Queen Mama Curry’s unwavering support for her son is evident as she champions his latest project with great pride.

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Stephen Curry, a four-time NBA champion, is the star of his own documentary titled “Underrated,” which tells the story of his coming-of-age. The film has already made waves since its release on July 21, and follows Steph’s journey from being an undersized college player to becoming a nine-time NBA All-Star. What sets the documentary apart is how it portrays Curry as an underdog, which makes it a truly heartwarming experience to watch.

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Curry’s Underrated has been gaining popularity on Apple TV+ with a decent IMDb rating of 7.5. It’s no secret that Curry owes his success to his friends and family, especially his mom who is tirelessly promoting the documentary on social media. Despite its title, it seems that Stephen Curry’s film is proving to be quite popular after all.

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It’s hard to believe that a slender, 21-year-old college basketball player would eventually rise to become the MVP of the Golden State Warriors, making this documentary a must-see. The film provides an inside look at Curry’s journey through interviews and personal footage, revealing how he made his way into one of the most formidable sports leagues on the planet.

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Steph Curry has more than just a great documentary on his side – his mother, Sonya Curry, provides him with unwavering support. In addition to being a proud NBA mom, Sonya is also an entrepreneur, author, and educator. She recently had the opportunity to speak alongside the Chief Marketing Officer of JP Morgan Chase, a company worth billions of dollars.

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The mother of NBA star Steph Curry recently took to Instagram to share her excitement about a fireside chat she had with the CMO of JPMorgan/Chase. Sonya Curry looked fabulous in a shimmery golden suit and high ponytail as she spoke with Carla Zakhem-Hassan. The conference room was filled with media and Underrated posters adorned the backdrop. This wasn’t the first time Sonya showed support for her son’s documentary Underrated, as she previously celebrated its premiere on Instagram with adorable mother-son photos. It’s clear that Mama Curry is Steph’s biggest cheerleader and he’s lucky to have such a supportive family.

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