“Rumored Conflict Between Pique and Shakira Fizzles Out After Calm Discussion”

According to reports from Spain, it seems that the previous disagreements between ex-defender Gerard Pique and singer Shakira have been resolved, and they are no longer facing any issues like before when they first separated.

According to Vanitatis newspaper, sources close to Pique and Shakira claim that the couple has finally found peace after a challenging year. They are said to be working together in the best way possible to come to agreements regarding their separation. Those who know Shakira closely reveal that the two are sticking to their commitment to separate without any further arguments or conflicts. Pique’s friends and family members support this statement as well.

The former talented couple is now living separate lives but still co-parenting their two children, Milan and Sasha. According to sources in Spain, there are no longer any arguments or tension between them compared to when they first separated. Last summer, Pique and Shakira’s breakup made headlines due to rumors of infidelity on Pique’s part and Shakira’s songs about their past relationship. It was believed that there was an underlying conflict between the two.

Shakira is currently embracing her new life with a positive and happy outlook despite rumors of her dating Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton. She is unfazed by what others may say. On the other hand, Pique is getting more attached to his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti. During the summer, they temporarily moved back to Pique’s house in Cabrils while their apartment in Barcelona was being fixed. Recently, Pique and Clara have relocated to Miami, USA, to spend quality time with their children, Milan and Sasha, before the new school year starts on August 21. AS reported this news.

According to the Mamarazzis podcast, reporters Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez shared that Shakira was upset when her ex-partner Gerard Pique didn’t devote enough time to their children during their vacation. Shakira wishes for Pique and their kids to relax in a location that’s suitable for them, ideally in Miami. Although the celebrity couple has reconciled, their relationship isn’t entirely without conflict.

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